The Segway patrol. Doubtless there'll be more people on the beach.


Calvia town hall yesterday presented its new beach security plans for summer 2017. Mayor Alfonso Rodriguez accompanied by the councillor for tourism, Antonio Garcia, and the chief of Calvia’s police, Justino Trenas, unveiled four new Segways which officers will be using to patrol the beaches of Magalluf and Palmanova along with two quad bikes and a support vehicle.

This year, a new community police force will be on the beat in resorts. The new force consists of ten members of the local police and their sole responsibility will be beach security. Four officers will be on duty at any one time.

Also this year, a forty-strong team of lifeguards will be on duty, a small fleet of rescue ribs will be stationed on the main beaches and two rescue vessels with two lifeguards on board will be patrolling the coastline. There will also be a rapid intervention vessel manned by a lifeguard, a support ambulance and two coordinators controlling the beach patrols.

As for services on the beach, the mayor explained that back in the middle of March, the town hall began installing sun shades and sunbeds and that by 1 May all were in place and all the beach services were operative.

In addition this summer, the Calvia 2000 municipal services agency is also increasing its beach cleaning operations and has an extra 155 employees.


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Roberto / Hace over 4 years

To protect your future tourism - you have to take off the streets the so called prostitutes - these are "thieving gangs".

I cannot believe Mallorca has let it go on for so long.

Surely your interests should be to protect your tourism business.


Andrew / Hace over 4 years

Great, maybe they can chase away the hundreds of African lady muggers that operate all over Magaluf without being bothered by none of the police forces. The other day I witnessed a group of 5 women pepper spray a young intoxicated lad while they robbed him of all his belongings.


Andy / Hace over 4 years

Great idea and I know the police don't take fool's easily


jeff.cooper / Hace over 4 years

we have been coming to Palma nova for over 30 years I have to say its long over due the rise in women massagers and the famous rotten fruit sellers have to be stopped as we do not go to the beach to be annoyed by these people