Trying to beat the heat yesterday. | Gemma Andreu

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year to date with the maximum reaching 40.3ºC at the university and 39.9ºC at Palma airport at 3pm, with the Balearics on level two orange alert for high temperatures and forest fires.

In Marratxi temperatures reached 38.6ºC, 37.3ºC in Santa Maria del Cami and 36.9ºC in Lluchmajor.
Other areas in Majorca which sweltered in the intense heat yesterday were Banyabulfar, where the maximum temperature reached 38.3ºC and El Pil-lari de Palma, 38.4ºC. However, in the centre of the capital, the street thermometres were showing temperatures of 41ºC and it certainly felt like it.

And while the average was 39ºC across the Serra de Tramuntana and the south of the island, temperatures are forecast to fall slightly today with the alert being dropped to level one, yellow and tomorrow, all alerts will be dropped and temperatures return to normal. But, temperatures will still remain above 30ºC and Minorca is on tidal wave alert with the sea level forecast to surge by 0.7 metres.

Sadly, unlike other parts of Spain which are on alert for heavy rain, there is no chance of that happening here for quite some time and yesterday the Civil Protection department advised people to try and remain indoors, in the cool with blinds down and to limit exposure to the sun. Make sure you are in a well aired area, eat regularly - light meals with plenty of mineral salts and drink plenty of water regularly.

The experts are also advising people to wear light clothes, expose as little skin as possible to the sun, wear a hat, avoid prolonged physical exercise in the middle of the day and keep an eye on elderly people and those living alone. What is more, with the risk of forest fires at its maximum, people are warned to be extra careful with cigarette stubs, dumping rubbish and glass in wooded areas, while farmers are being advised against burning any stubble.

So far, the summer is living up to its forecast. The Balearic Met. Office issued a warning at the end of Spring that this summer was going to be hotter and longer than usual and they have got it right,with now the spotlight turning to water resources with the peak of the summer about to kick in this weekend with the start of the school holidays in the United Kingdom.

Record June
The Met. Office also reported yesterday that last month was the hottest June on record for the past 52 years, since 1965. Average temperatures were 24.1ºC which was 3ºC higher than usual while rainfall in the Balearics was also lower than average, hence the concern about water resources.