Could the Gesa building include a proposed tourism museum? | Teresa Ayuga


A museum of tourism in Majorca has been spoken about in the past, and now Josep Melià of El Pi wants it to become a reality. To this end he has presented an amendment to the government's budget for 100,000 euros to be devoted to the project, and the location he has in mind for it is the Gesa building in Palma.

His party is open to other suggestions for the museum's siting, but Melíà believes that the Gesa building, which is owned by Palma town hall, would be the ideal place. Close to the Palacio de Congresos, it would be in an "emblematic" building that was designed by the architect Josep Ferragut and which coincided with the start of the 1960s tourism boom. The building itself, its history and the potential content of a museum would therefore go hand in hand.

Melià and El Pi believe that it is a shame that Majorca doesn't have a tourism museum, given that tourism has been and remains the source of most of the island's wealth.

Ten years ago there was a museum project of sorts. It involved the government and the Majorca Tourist Board and was publicised at fairs, but nothing ever came of it.

What is said to be the first tourism museum in the world opened last year in Calella on the Costa Brava.