According to environmentalists GOB, the car park needs to be relocated.


Some weeks ago, the uncertainty over a car park in Cala Agulla (Capdepera) was highlighted. At present, the situation remains uncertain, and the environmentalists GOB are insisting that the town hall closes it off. If it were to, then space for 450 vehicles would disappear. The car park is important because it serves beachgoers in summer.

The situation with the car park first came under the spotlight when an opposition party, Guanyem, denounced what they considered to be an illegal car park. It is located in an area of special natural interest (ANEI), and Guanyem were demanding that it should be closed.

When Guanyem presented their complaint, the mayor of Capdepera, Rafel Fernández, requested all the relevant documentation from the owner. This was intended to be able to determine if the car park was legal or not. As far as GOB are concerned, it is illegal and would appear to have been for most of the forty years that it has existed. Because it is in an ANEI and also in a zone for bird protection and of "community importance", GOB say it should be moved elsewhere.

The environmentalists also allege that there have been movements of earth at the site, that these have been done without a licence and that an underground electricity cable has been installed.

GOB have referred their complaint to the regional environment ministry and to the Council of Majorca's agency for planning discipline as well as to the town hall. All "necessary measures" should be taken, they say, in addressing the "illegality". The town hall, meanwhile, is concerned at the potential for chaos this summer if the car park were to be closed.


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Andy Rawson / Hace over 3 years

Forty years back tax is going to be expensive. Except the owner will have friends in high places. You know how it works.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

I fully concur with everything Steve Riches has said in his comment,forty years to notice an "illegal" car park,you could not make it up.


sheila / Hace over 3 years

GOB. Is that an acronym for Get Out of Balearics?


Steve Riches / Hace over 3 years

GOB should shut their gob and get on with some proper environmental useful work. This car park gives access to a beautiful area without much disturbance. Once again the group are targeting the very people who maintain their income. There are better and more effective ways to uae their resources eg. a big push to force more solar and wind power investment from the govenrnment. Don't misunderstand me because GOB have done some good work - but they must have effective targets


Sally-Ann / Hace over 3 years

Ha ha ha they really don’t want to encourage any Tourism. They needn’t worry as there won’t be any need for protection when the tourist disappear. Tourism Tax, Holiday Rentals.... Shall I go on!


Tim / Hace over 3 years

It’s only taken 40 years should have noticed before now GET A LIFE