A graffiti "artist" was due to appear in court yesterday on charges related to damage caused to historical patrimony in Palma. The trial was suspended and will now be held at a later date.

David G.S., 31, faces a prosecution demand of a 5,400 euros fine plus a further 2,080 euros to cover the cost of cleaning the graffiti. He first came to the attention of Palma police in August 2016, when he and one other were discovered applying graffiti to the roof of the Gesa building. A police report was filed.

Soon after, on 14 September, police attention was drawn to graffiti on the Renaissance wall on the calle Bala Roja. In February this year, more graffiti appeared on the Gesa building. All of these were the work of the same person. In March, Palma police seized a number of items, such as sketches to guide him when applying graffiti. The affected buildings have the highest level of protection as assets in the cultural interest.