An example of graffiti that blights Palma.

Specifications for contracting out the cleaning, restoration and maintenance of Palma's old walls have been approved by the town hall.

Responsibility will fall under the infrastructure department rather than the Emaya municipal services agency, and agreement has been reached with the Council of Majorca regarding procedures for removing graffiti. These have led to long delays because the Council's heritage commission has to consider each case. The infrastructure councillor, Rodrigo Romero, says that a new protocol will allow removal to be effected within a week.

The specifications apply to the stretch of wall between Hort del Rei and Es Baluard. Over the past few years this has suffered from vandalism and weeds. It has been necessary to arrive at specifications that take into account heritage criteria.

The budget for the contract is 720,000 euros over four years. The contractor will restore walls and replace any missing pieces, remove weeds and invasive vegetation, eliminate graffiti and apply all required preservation and maintenance measures.