Just three months have passed since the photo of Bellver's Acords and the political differences between Més and its partners have already been realised on several occasions. | Atienza - ell - EFE - EFE


Més are keeping up their opposition to the use of tourist tax revenue as financial assistance to hoteliers affected by the Thomas Cook collapse. The party's parliamentary spokesperson, Josep Ferrà, says that this is a "prostitution" of the tax, while Més sources are insisting that the party's two ministers - Fina Santiago and Miquel Mir - had merely been informed of the measure. The tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, has said that there was consensus.

The Podemos general secretary and agriculture and food minister, Mae de la Concha, has confirmed that her party did support the use of the tax - payments by Thomas Cook clients for July to September are to be "returned" to hoteliers. Meanwhile, environmentalists GOB have described the decision as a "massive nonsense".

PSOE's Pilar Costa, the government spokesperson, has backed up what Negueruela had to say in maintaining that all measures regarding Thomas Cook were agreed by the cabinet. She said yesterday that she respects any "internal debates" that parties might have - a reference to Més - adding that these will not affect the government's situation.

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An initial estimate as to how much revenue is involved has now been given - no more than three million euros. There are some legal issues regarding the use of tax revenue in this way, but neither Costa nor Negueruela have said that it will be necessary to amend legislation.