"We will continue to fight to change to obsolete laws," said Beil Fornes, father of Paula. | A. Sepúlveda

A day after sentence was passed on the drunk driver who killed his daughter, Biel Fornés yesterday stated on Facebook that the matter “should not end here”.

He said that “we will continue to fight to change obsolete laws".

“We need to raise our voice. The more who join our cause the better. Let’s not wait for another fatality in order to change minds.”

Regarding the sentence passed on Renata G. - four years for causing death while driving under the influence of alcohol and nine months for falsified documentation (her driving licence) - he remarked that society cannot understand this. The family’s lawyers had sought a sentence of eleven years but were aware that the maximum tariff is four years.

But, he stressed, this had not been “reckless homicide”, it was simple homicide; murder, in other words. The sentence should therefore be much greater.

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From the bottom of his heart, he asked people to join the petition raised with four other families with similar experiences to bring about the “desired change”.