Renata Gocha on her way to court in the summer

Renata Gocha on her way to court in the summer.


An appeal has been launched against the sentence handed down the drunk driver who ran over and killed Paula Fornés and injured another woman in sa Ràpita last year.

Renata Gocha was nearly four times over the legal alcohol limit when she was arrested, had no insurance and was carrying a fake drivers licence.

The judge described the defendant's conduct as “extremely serious” saying “she was driving with an alcohol rate well above the legal amount, a false licence; no liability insurance, she ran over Paula and left another girl wounded, and she also fled the scene.”

In his appeal, Defence Lawyer, Miquel Àngel Ordinas, argues that the four year, 9 month sentence is too harsh and challenges the contents of an email sent to Madrid and Poland by the Guardia Civil Traffic Guard claiming that Renata Gocha was not on the permit database.

He also points out that driving without liability insurance cannot be blamed on the defendant because the vehicle belongs to her husband.

Ordinas has asked the judge to impose the minimum penalty of two and a half years in prison.


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Steve Kane / Hace over 2 years

For god's sake, 5 years is NOT enough for a Murder by CAR she should be locked up and the key chucked away


Yogi / Hace over 2 years

Am I right in thinking a rejected appeal can result in an extension of the sentence? Hope so. This woman deserves far more than a paltry four years.


harvey / Hace over 2 years

Its about time someone got a proper sentence for drunk driving let alone killing another person because of it. The drunk woman should be totally ashamed of herself. Well done to the judge on passing the sentence.


Martin / Hace over 2 years

What a load of garbage all I can say is if the courts fall for this lame excuse then they should not be part of the judicial process it is up to her to make sure she is insured to drive anyone’s vehicles regardless of who owns it and she wouldn’t be covered anyway if she didn’t have a license double her sentence for waisting the courts time ,she should be in jail anyway not walking the streets ,the girl she killed isn’t, !