GRAF6919. CALA RAJADA (MALLORCA), 23/01/2020.- The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, greets members of the security forces during his visit to Cala Ratjada (Majorca) to assess the damage caused by Storm Gloria. | Atienza - EFE - EFE


Storm Gloria caused 11.2 million euros worth of damage in Manacor, Son Servera, Felanitx, Capdepera, Sant Llorenç, Santanyi and Pollensa.

The estimate has been delivered to Central Government in the hope that the financial aid promised by President Pedro Sanchez during his visit to Cala Ratjada last week will be delivered quickly.

The storm ripped through Capdepera causing 4.6 million euros worth of damage to the beaches and promenades of Cala Ratjada and Cala Gat and another 3.9 million euros worth in Porto Cristo, Cales de Mallorca and s’Illot in Manacor.


It had less of an impact in other locations where beaches and public areas bore the brunt of the destruction amounting to 938.700 euros in Sant Llorenç, 600,000 euros in Santanyi; 61,250 euros in Felanitx; 475,000 in Pollensa and 108,000 in Son Servera.

With the beginning of the tourist season just around the corner, City Councillors are anxious to get the beaches and public areas back to normal as soon as possible.

Sant Llorenç City Council is urging the Central Government to include the regeneration of Cala Millor beach in emergency works.

Felanitx is asking for extra money to cover the cost of regenerating the beaches of Cala sa Nau and Cala Serena which were not included in the original damage estimate.

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The damage caused by Storm Gloria to private properties has still not been assessed, particularly for first-line houses and hotels in Cala Marçal and s’Illot which were the worst affected.