The Balearic parliament in session on Tuesday. | Jaume Morey

The tourism of excesses decree was approved by the Balearic parliament on Tuesday. The government parties received the backing of three opposition parties - Ciudadanos (Cs), El Pi and the Partido Popular - albeit this was qualified support. The opposition argued that measures contemplated in the decree should form an item of legislation that would be subject to normal parliamentary procedures - proposed amendments, debate and so on. A decree law doesn't require these lengthy procedures, and an opposition motion for there to be a bill was voted down.

The only party not to give its backing was Vox, whose spokesperson Jorge Campos said that Vox agree with the objective of eradicating anti-social tourism but are concerned by the discriminatory nature of the decree: it affects only Magalluf, Playa de Palma and Sant Antoni (Ibiza).

Campos maintained that the decree will result in the closure of hotels, bars and restaurants and in a ten per cent loss of jobs. "This is not the way to do it; this is the way to harm the Balearics tourism industry."

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Iago Negueruela, the tourism minister, said that the decree was "necessary, pioneering and a commitment to quality". It will mean getting rid of "images" of drunkenness, fights, falls (from balconies) and damage in certain tourist resorts. He denied that the aim was to collect revenue from fines; it is to put a stop to anti-social conduct and to do so immediately.

The minister observed that the decree had the support of overseas tourist markets and of the people of the Balearics. "We cannot allow behaviour that results in deaths and accidents."

Representatives of Cs, El Pi and the PP expressed their reservations. There are "many questions", the decree has the appearance of a "marketing" exercise, while it is "incomplete". Nevertheless, they voted with the government for measures which include alcohol restrictions in all-inclusive hotels, tough fines for "balconing", and an end to special offers for drinking in the three resorts.