At the World Travel Market in London, there was optimism about UK bookings for this summer.

It would seem that coronavirus is benefiting Majorca's tourism. Tour operators, especially in the UK apparently, are said to be diverting holiday sales for this summer from Southeast Asian countries to Mediterranean destinations. Majorca is one of these; Greece, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey are others.

Early UK bookings for Majorca are reportedly up by an average of six per cent. In overall terms, 41% of early UK bookings are for the Balearics. This is the highest percentage for the main sun and beach holiday regions - there is 36% for the Canaries and eight per cent for both Andalusia and Catalonia.

Hoteliers in Majorca suggest that the current situation is proving beneficial; a recent strengthening of the pound is a further benefit.

While coronavirus may be a factor, it could just be that there is a continuation of the improvement in UK holiday sales that was evident last September, when UK tourist numbers in the Balearics rose by 12%.