Nightlife workers demonstration in Palma on July 15. | Abone


The Balearic Association of Night Leisure, Abone says demonstrations will be staged in Palma from next week to protest against the Government’s ban on big Nightclubs and Discos opening.

“We do not want to break the channels of dialogue with the Government, but at the moment we cannot assume the responsibility of controlling coronavirus,” insists Abone President, Jesús Sánchez. “Companies are complying with all the necessary protocols and we don’t understand the Government's reasons for preventing clubs and discos from opening.”

Sánchez added that each company will take the appropriate measures “to present the judicial procedures for claiming lost profits,” saying “we have the impression they do not know how much harm they are causing with so many precautions.”

Nightlife workers and employees from other companies will demonstrate in Passeig del Born in Palma on Wednesday, July 15 from 1100.

Social impact

Companies want to put pressure on the Government and create a massive impact on social media "to denounce a situation that has no justification, especially when nightlife companies are aware of all the health and safety protocols.”

Abone estimates that the Nightlife Sector will lose more than 500 million euros during the 2020 tourist season and says it’s deeply concerned about the impact that will have on companies.