Snow and traffic in Mallorca's mountains

Traffic in the Tramuntana on Saturday.


With so many people having headed for the mountains to see the snow on Saturday, the mayor of Escorca, Toni Solivellas, has criticised the "collapse" caused by the traffic and the snow.

On Twitter, he said: "We start another year with the same problem as always. Photos of today's collapse in Escorca caused by the snow. For years, there has been a demand for a protocol from the regional government. If it snows and these families are trapped, I guess no one will be responsible. Total lack of coordination as ever."

A yellow alert for snow in the Tramuntana Mountains was issued by Aemet early on Saturday morning, with two to three centimetres expected to fall down to 500 metres. The risk alert remains in place until 19.59 on Saturday.


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Rob / Hace 10 months

James , it's a fair point as I think off road parking would certainly help. Could be a double edged sword though as it may encourage more traffic. Off road parking plus some sort of traffic limitation (if possible , probably not as it would require resource) could be the best solution . The area requires more conservation .and protection


james / Hace 10 months

to be fare if the government actually spent some of the money we give them on building a decent car park then there wouldn't be a problem the winter its the snow and in the summer its the hikers ....the parking bays are always full and the roads are always blocked....


Steve / Hace 10 months

Miserable sods. I drove up there and it was great fun.


Ricky / Hace 10 months

What a bunch of miserable so and so’s you all are. No evidence of this spreading the virus, most people here (unlike in the UK) are observing protocols. Why not take the kids to see the snow? A little bit of happiness amidst all the gloom. Traffic jams, so what, they are everywhere. Also, I just love the way the Spanish constantly use the word collapse. The only thing that has truly collapsed here is the government.


James, The First Of The Mohicans / Hace 10 months

I didn't move to Mallorca for the snow. I'd sooner poke my eye with a sharp stick.


Quizzer / Hace 10 months

Oh come on everyone. Let´s get in the car and go and see some snow. The car might break down or we could have an accident on the slippy narrow roads. We may even get stuck overnight or even get out of the car, slip and break a limb or two. Hopefully we won´t catch the Covid Virus from the other sightseers but hey, at least we´ll have seen a bit of snow.


Mark Badoer / Hace 10 months

And this is how corona spreads too. People don't give a monkey's and just do as they see fit when it suits them.


Fred / Hace 10 months

Quite right Yogi. Every Winter they go to see the snow. Then slip and slide on the Mountain roads. Causing Accidents and traffic jams.


Yogi / Hace 10 months

Same as always! Stupid.