Joana Maria Adrover, Security Councillor. | A. Sepúlveda


Palma's Councillor for Security, Joana Maria Adrover has spoken out about the possibility of a total lockdown of Palma saying that Cort has been collaborating with the Ministry of Health since the coronavirus pandemic began and will continue to side with the health authorities.

The Ministry of Health has asked the Government to put the capital under lockdown from Monday to stop the escalation in coronavirus cases.

The Government previously said that confining Palma wouldn’t make any difference because under the current confinement rules hundreds of people have the right to travel to and from Palma every day for work and it would be virtually impossible to check everyone.

But the Ministry of Health is insisting that the Government follow the example set by other Autonomous Communities where city lockdowns are being imposed to combat infection.

On Thursday, the President of the Government Francina Armengol confirmed that experts are now considering the Ministry of Health’s recommendation and hinted that a decision is likely on Monday.