Spain's vaccination programme commenced on December 27

Spain's vaccination programme commenced on December 27.


Various tourism business associations in the Balearics are calling on the regional government to ask the army to help with the vaccination programme. Representatives of the hoteliers, travel agencies, transport operators, restaurants and car-hire firms are all critical of the logistics, Maria José Aguiló, vice-president of the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation, speaking for them in expressing her concern. "The Balearic economy will be put at risk if the programme isn't started before the summer season. The regional government should be pressing Madrid for swifter distribution and greater quantity."

The associations' view is that Madrid should be urged to make the army's health services available and that there needs to be a campaign of mass vaccination around the clock and with no halt for fiestas. Francesc Mulet of the Aviba travel agencies association highlights "total improvisation" by the government. "There cannot be another 2020 this year. If there is, there will be widespread closure of businesses during the first half across the whole of the Balearics."

Alfonso Robledo, president of the restaurants association within the Confederation of Balearic Business Associations, says that all means need to be used for the vaccination. These include the army and the Red Cross. "The aim is to have a tourism season, even if it is only four months."

The president of the Association of Hotel Chains, Gabriel Llobera, believes that any help that can guarantee public health should be sought, "especially when this can bring about economic and employment reactivation". There is, he notes, "business unease" at the slowness with the vaccination and feels that the government, if necessary, should buy its own stocks of vaccine. It had done this with the purchase of protective equipment for health personnel. "They need to be proactive, as economic activity this year is being put at risk. Business are already at their limits."

Ramón Reus of the Aevab vehicle-rental businesses association insists that a "push" is needed. Otherwise foreign tourism markets will not consider the Balearics to be a safe destination. He believes that it has been "scandalous" that the health service hasn't made it obligatory to vaccinate on fiesta days. "It's as though the government can't see what's happening."


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Zoe / Hace 11 months

@Harry, I believe if 70% of population vaccinated add them to those who have already contracted the virus and have antigen for a good while. That make a big difference as well as It give the health service breathing space to deal with any new cases. We should not overlook the fact that the new and more effective therapeutics are discovered and more of these will also be widely available. These are all factors. We can never be totally Covid free , this is a medical fact same as we have never been totally free of the "common flu".


Lisa / Hace 11 months

Since the tourism lobby have huge sway in Mallorca, let’s hope that Government listen.

Although, looking at the new article on vaccination projections - these people cannot do maths.

Terrifying. Their projections for summer are not correctly calculated. I suspect someone doesn’t know the difference between 7 percent and 70 percent.


Let’s hope they mean 70 percent by summer ... or we are all in trouble.

And as a PS the countries where the largest groups of tourists come from (UK and Germany) appear to have better coordinated vaccination programs.


Harry / Hace 11 months

Zoë, 75% will NOT solve the problem. We were locked up for 3 months, in theory to eliminate the virus, and look at us now. It’s wither all or nothing. Let’s talk in December and see how “successful” the vaccine has been. And don’t you think Mark is being slightly hypocritical ? If he were so keen he shouldn’t be going to restaurants and bars anyway. Or does he eat and drink with his mask on ?


Zoe / Hace 11 months

@Harry, even if 75% of people are vaccinated it will make a huge difference. @Mark whole heartedly agreed and will drink drink to that


Harry / Hace 11 months

You are all presupposing that a) all people who live in Mallorca will get the vaccine, many don’t, especially those from other cultures whose numbers are unknown, and b) that the very fact that they have been vaccinated (twice) will stop the spread of the virus. It won’t. Also, a visitor can fly in with a clean bill of health, but what about those who arrive by car or private yacht ? Maybe they should try this experiment in Menorca to see what happens.


Mark Badoer / Hace 11 months

Lisa and Zoe, although what you are both saying is very true.....for me, first and foremost: I want my normal life back. Being to able to shake hands, hug people, see faces smiling (or not), go to a restaurant, not getting foul looks when you sneeze and not having to wear masks.


Zoe / Hace 11 months

Tourism is what keeps Mallorca/Spain afloat. So they have to be listened too specially when a logical suggestion is made. People want a safe place to travel to, and Balearic is small enough place to have population vaccinated in no time. make Balearic/ Mallorca safe again and tourists will pour in.


Lisa / Hace 11 months

Vaccination of the population is the only way to have any hope of tourism this year. We all know this. Tourists won’t jump through logistical hoops or pay for expensive tests. The Government need to stop the rhetoric and push for more vaccines. Then take any help they can get from the military, pharmacies and local health centres.


Mark Badoer / Hace 11 months

Good call. I find it truly scary how little we hear about the roll out of the vaccination program and how little has been achieved so far. By the time the vaccine program here on Mallorca has been concluded, we will be buying gas for the winter again. Tough talk on curfews and lock downs how worried our leaders are, but no word about a vaccine program for all. ALL governmental efforts should be focussed on that for the next 3-4 months.