Supermarket shoppers in Palma. | M. À. Cañellas


Balearic business owners say they are confused and concerned over the Government’s decision to delay the new Covid restrictions by 24 hours until Wednesday without any official notice.

Supermarkets included in ANGED are also worried about what they called the constant "ups and downs" of the Government.

"The information that is transmitted is inadequate, which creates logistical problems for all companies because we do not know what to do,” they said. “We are just asking for just a little bit of coherence so they don't create more problems than we already have.”

CAEB President Alfonso Robledo said the Government’s "erratic changes" are surprising and affect all businesses owners.

"One day they tell us one thing and the next they say the opposite, which baffles everyone in the Sector,” he said. “The current situation is very delicate, so we just want to be told the truth and have the decisions taken once and for all, because changes directly affect us, force us to cancel reservations and leave us with refrigerators full of perishable products."


The Restaurant Sector is holding a rally on Tuesday in front of the Consolat de Mar in Palma at 11:00 to protest against the closures and the lack of aid.

The organisers took to social media to spread the word about the protest, encouraging business owners to close their premises and join the rally and hundreds responded and pledged their support.

The Government Delegation has denied permission for the rally saying “it poses a very high risk of contagion due to the current epidemiological situation,” but organiser Víctor Sánchez says it will go ahead.

"It will be done and I know the consequences, but what prevails is the interests of entrepreneurs."