Mallorca facing a battle.

Mallorca facing a battle.


British tourists who can proved they been vaccinated could be heading off to Greece on holiday as early as May as the eastern Mediterranean country puts further pressure on Mallorca, one of its main competitors for British tourists.

According to press reports this morning plans currently being discussed in Athens have suggested that if British visitors can prove they have had their Covid-19 vaccine, they should be allowed into the country, according to The Times. Greece is planning to vaccinate thousands of travel industry employees in an effort to kick-start the all important tourist industry and welcome British tourists.,

However, the move could place Greece in the EU's bad books, after the bloc insisted on a united approch to allowing non-essential travel from outside the Europe to resume.

The news comes as travel giant TUI said that Crete is now more popular than Mallorca with holiday bookers and Jet2 has announced more flights to Greece and wants the holiday season extended.

Boris Johnson gives hope for Mallorca holidays this summer Boris Johnson gives hope for Mallorca holidays this summer


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Rich / Hace 9 months

Inoculation does not mean that you are not capable of spreading / catching covid. In the end testing will be the most reliable means to stop the spread eg testing before boarding. I really don't understand why people see the vaccine as the be all and end all. If I told you that 5 parachutes out of 100 didn't work would you jump?


Thomas Lokier / Hace 9 months

Not surprising that Greece is rolling out the welcome mat for British tourists. Their economy has been wrecked by the EU and further damaged by the Chinese virus. If the Spanish do not follow suit then they will be responsible for the consequent damage to their own tourist sector. I would expect Cyprus, Croatia and Bulgaria to follow the Greek example.


Marty / Hace 9 months

Listen old foggies, most of you have had it great. University fees paid, low house prices, most of you haven't paid enough tax in your life to take out all the money you are draining from the NHS. You aren't meant to live that long, (You all bang on about paying your stamp, but most if you have oaid in about £50k but taken out £200k) now you are crushing the young (no school, no Uni, jobs hard to get) just to protect your priviledged geriatric lifestyle. The young owe you nothing, you didn't fight in the war, you had it easy. Mallorca doesn't want or need your state pension holiday money, its not enough. Mallorca needs young entrepenuers with cash not coffin dodging cheap geriatrics.


Majorca fan / Hace 9 months

Martin you should not criticise ab for his views. He is under 30 and assumes what a wonderful easy life we had in the U.K. in the 70s & 80s. The thatcher period was one of stability and fairness with inflation at 20% interest rates at 16% and unemployment at 3million. ab I quote Jack Kennedy a person who thinks life is fair is significantly misinformed..


Andy S / Hace 9 months

Mary... You're 100% correct that the UK has a terrible death rate from the virus but you should compare population density, deaths etc. The UK population is about 68M and we have had roughly 120,000 deaths. Spains population is about 48M and you have had 68,000. UK population density is 3 times higher than Spains so we are crammed in by comparison. Anyway I have two holidays booked this year for Mallorca - not sure I'll get there for one of them. At least I've had my first vaccine ahead of schedule .


Scott / Hace 9 months

Greece is using its head here in getting the tourists back as soon as possible and its paying off for them, they have said they will accept people who have had the vaccine or people who provide they have done a negative PCR test before travel and will face no restrictions, they understand not all will have had, or want the vaccine so making it easy to travel regardless i tip my hat at them. I've never looked at going on holiday there i always look to Mallorca first, i have 3 sets of flights all booked for Mallorca throughout this year and early next BUT if Mallorca make it hard work then ill go to Greece for a easy no fuss holiday this year.


Mary / Hace 9 months

Well all I can say is glad I am in Mallorca and not the UK.infection rates here are way better. Vaccine or no vaccine its definitely safer here than somewhere with the worst death rate in Europe and kids out of school for 3 months. The only thing the uk got right was the vaccine roll out.


Zoe / Hace 9 months

better together has lost it shine and no surprise cracks are appearing. The ineffectiveness of EU was never more apparent than during pandemic , they made a total mess of it. UK has already passed 18 million vaccination and I take my hat off to Greece who are going to go ahead and look after their own interest. Maybe Spain/Mallorca should learn when the country is so dependant on the tourism.


Martin / Hace 9 months

Poor you hard done by you need to think if it wasn’t for the older generation feeding and clothing you you’d have nothing so think on before you start the granny bashing


David / Hace 9 months

Totally agree with the actions Greece has taken to kick start their travel industry and get this years season up and running ASAP. Spain is so far behind it’s untrue. Get off your rear ends spain and get on with it. Stop saying Brits need to do this and do that regarding vaccines. We’ve made massive progress in vaccinations. The EU is asleep and needs all member countries to kick those at the top into gear as they have on this occasion totally screwed up. Overpaid time wasters. Sack them or you’ll still be waiting for holiday makers in 2021 Spain. We all want to come back to Spain urgently. But until it’s safe. We won’t be coming that’s for definite.