The PP announced their support in Arenal on Friday. | Europa Press

The Partido Popular in the Balearics have joined the SOS Turismo movement and will be presenting motions in support of this in parliament and at island councils and town halls.

SOS Turismo has so far brought together some 850 businesses and associations in demanding a tourism rescue plan. The leader of the PP, Biel Company, said on Friday that tourism is an industry "which feeds many families and has enabled a good quality of life in the Balearics".

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Motions will be presented in order to apply measures within the powers of respective institutions that will allow tourism recovery in 2021. The Partido Popular, Company added, "have been, are and will be with all initiatives that support the islands' tourism model and which are aimed at making it better, more equitable and more sustainable from an environmental, social and economic point of view".

The PP leader said that the main tourism season must be put first and therefore ruled out activity at Easter. "The priority is that from June we can have the best possible season. But the government therefore has to provide direct aid so that SMEs and the self-employed can make it to the start of the season."

Company accused the Balearic government of not doing everything possible to ensure that an "acceptable" season starts in June. This requires a good vaccination programme. The season will depend on whether there is mass vaccination before the summer. "Unfortunately, we are very behind."