Sebastian Ebel of Tui with President Armengol

Sebastian Ebel was in Mallorca last June for the launch of the tourist pilot plan.

07-03-2021Miquel À. Cañellas

On Monday, the chief financial officer of Tui, Sebastian Ebel, will meet President Armengol and the minister for tourism, Iago Negueruela, and assess the progress of the vaccination programme in the Balearics and the opening of hotels. Tui will be asking for vaccination "maximum speed" in order for there to be a summer season. From March 27, Tui intends starting flights to Mallorca from Germany.

Another subject for discussion will be the establishment of safe travel corridors between the Balearics and Germany, but the principal concern will be to call on the Spanish and Balearics to "catch up" with the vaccination programme. This is proceeding slowly, and the Balearics are lagging behind other regions.

The vaccine passport will also be under consideration, the national tourism minister, Reyes Maroto, having accepted the Balearic government's request for the Balearics to be the first European destination to trial this. The passport is an additional element for creating safe corridors.

As announced a week ago, the Robinson Club Cala Serena, part of Tui, will open on March 20. The tour operator intends offering other establishments from April. To this end, Ebel will also be meeting the co-presidents of Riu, which is a Tui shareholder.

In 2019, getting on for five million German tourists came to the Balearics. Tui and other German tour operators are looking, at a minimum, to get a quarter of this number in 2021.


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Winston / Hace 9 months

Germans trying to dictate to Europe 🤔 Who would have thought that?


Tom / Hace 9 months

Hmm same time tui majority shareholder yacht Nord worth 500 million aporox is on mallorca . Seems big money and tourism lobby is trying to push balearics gov to just open all flood gates for tourists while the Tui fat cats watch safely from a distance from their mega yacht ! Lets hope Armengol is not stupid enough to not know the risks of opening up too early and listens more to medical experts than to fat cat shareholders lobbying for more tourism!


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 9 months

Whatever any other country's rules may be, they don't dictate our policies. We can't have tourists back here until we're all vaccinated, end of. The cost of another skyrocketing of new cases here, and with the island full of tourists, would be far more than anyone could imagine. If our government fails to consider this we are in big trouble here....


Roger / Hace 9 months

This is the sort of pressure, almost bullying, that is very unhelpful at this moment in time. For the sake of residents, and their customers, they should show a bit more empathy and patience.


Lisa / Hace 9 months


It comes to something when Tui are having to push the Government to do the right thing and get the population vaccinated.

Okay, they have an interest is ensuring the islands are safe ... but surely so does the Government???

It appears they are happy to put up with whatever meagre pickings Madrid and the EU throw their way. Scary - where’s the leadership in that?