Cala Varques has become very popular. | J. Sitges

The Partido Popular in Manacor and at the Council of Mallorca are calling for the creation of a temporary car park at Cala Varques in order to "prevent the traffic chaos which occurs every season".

The principal access to Cala Varques is along a lane that is off the MA-4014 road. There have been issues with parking for years, in addition to which - as the PP have noted - there have been problems with camping by the beach, occupation of caves, psicobloc (which is prohibited), the anchoring of boats and makeshift bars selling food and drink.

Cars parked along the lane have "invaded private property" and impeded emergency services' vehicles. This parking has now been banned by Manacor town hall. A consequence of this is that there is parking along the main road. Parked cars partly occupy the road itself, which poses a risk to drivers. There are also risks to people crossing the road on foot.

The PP point out that different authorities have different powers. This has been a familiar complaint down the years, these authorities being the town hall, the Council of Mallorca, the regional government and the Guardia Civil. A solution is needed through "joint and coordinated action on behalf of all the authorities with responsibilities".

The PP argue that there should be a study to establish what the parking needs are. In the meantime, the temporary car park should be created by one of two ways. Either the Council acquires land from the town hall and processes this as being in the "general interest" (which allow usage) or the town hall's urban plan reclassifies the area.

The leader of the PP at the Council of Mallorca, Llorenç Galmés, says that it is essential to find a solution, given that access to the cove is, for the most part, along the lane.