German tourists arriving in Mallorca

German tourism at Easter will offer only so little for the island's economy.

31-03-2021Teresa Ayuga

"Desolate Mallorca" is a headline in the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. A report on Wednesday by the paper's Spain and Portugal correspondent, Karin Janker, considers the situation in Mallorca, where the main engine of the economy - tourism - has suffered greatly because of the pandemic.

It paints a depressing picture of an island "sinking into despair because of the lack of tourists". The report adds that the pandemic offers a perspective of how painful the restructuring of tourism could be as a result of climate change, warning that that the tourism market "will not be as we knew it again".

"Mallorca is sombre. Even the few thousand German tourists who will spend their Easter holidays on the island will not change that."


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john / Hace 10 months

We are in a pandemic! What did they expect? All bars and restaurants open and beaches full as normal! They were advised not to travel by their own government,but do they!


Mrs Shirley Hunt / Hace 10 months

I choose to live in Mallorca and I don't see it sinking into despair for lack of tourists. I have no doubt those who rely on the tourist industry for a livelihood have found things very difficult but it has been so peaceful without tourists carousing on balconies into the small hours plus, last year, urinating over the balcony.


Rich / Hace 10 months

The population has also sunk into despair. Mostly despair due to incompetent governance.


tom / Hace 10 months

Desolate is German politics.... the results we can see in their daily rising Covid R numbers. They should focus more on their own countries problems which are abundant , instead of constantly focusing on tiny Mallorca.