German tourism in Mallorca over Easter came in for criticism. | Archive


Tui are confident that the vaccination process will lead to an increase in summer bookings and to a reactivation of the tourism sector.

The CEO of Tui, Fritz Joussen, told the German press agency DPA on Sunday that he didn't know what the "politicians" in Germany will decide for the coming weeks, but he added that there are "some good signs and progress in tourism countries of origin and destination countries".

He noted that there are countries and regions which give reasons for confidence. For example, "Israel is open". In England, the incidence is 30 cases per 100,000, "and there are only a few deaths". "Business is recovering the most in Canada and the United States."

Joussen spoke about German tourism in Mallorca over Easter, which came in for criticism in Germany itself and was not universally welcomed in Mallorca. He defended this by saying that "if you get on a plane for Mallorca, where there is a low incidence, this will not pose a greater risk of contagion for others on your return than if you had stayed home".

He nevertheless urged more testing but, above all, more vaccination. "The vaccination coverage needs to be done quickly."