Union Jack & Spanish Flag.

Union Jack & Spanish Flag.

01-07-2016Jon Nazca/Reuters

Spain will welcome visitors from June, after a pilot trial of digital health certificates at all 46 Spanish airports in May.

Spain’s Tourism Minister, Fernando Valdes Verelst, detailed the country’s plans at the World Travel & Tourism Council global summit in Mexico.

“The European Union digital certificate is not a magic wand but it does offer people some certainty to organise their travel,” he said.

Delegates in Cancun welcomed news that the EU hopes to allow vaccinated Americans to visit this summer, but Brussels and the UK have yet to agree on mutual recognition of vaccine passports.

“The best thing Governments can do right is provide for travellers is certainty,” said Minister Valdes Verelst, who hopes negotiations will lead to reciprocal arrangements so that tourists don’t face restrictions when they get home.

Spain has been planning for vaccine certification since February because tourism is crucial for the country’s economy.

“Spain is going to be ready to use a digital certificate in June,” he told delegates. “We are running a pilot programme at all 46 airports in May, so travellers will have some certainty.”

The EU’s Digital Green Certificate will include Covid-19 health status with vaccination certificates, negative test results and medical certificates for people who have recovered from Covid-19 in the previous 180 days.

The British Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston says the UK Government is liaising with other countries in a bid to agree international travel measures and other issues.

“We absolutely want to work, and are working very closely, with our EU partners and indeed around the world,” he said.


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Majorca fan / Hace 9 months

All very positive. Although I must admit that in over 40yrs visiting Majorca, I have not experienced the beaches or anywhere else on the island over run with yanks. A few dropped off cruises for a I’ve been to Palma photos but that’s it. I am confused the European Commission overly playing up USA visitors to Europe this year when it’s not going to happen. The main revenue flow to majorca from English speaking markets will be Brits. Cyprus Malta and Portugal get it but obviously not Spain’s government.


Compo / Hace 9 months

Really confused now! Assuming the UK puts mallorca on the green or amber list from May 17, I was planning on flying out on May 22. Is this now going to be possible from a Spanish perspective?