Tourists in Playa de Palma, Mallorca

Mallorca is waiting on the UK government's decision.

02-05-2021Teresa Ayuga

The UK's green list for travel is due to be revealed by the end of the week. The date of the announcement for travel from May 17 has been subject to as much speculation as the countries on the list. One suggestion has been that the government wants to leave the decision until May 10, a week before travel can resume, in order to have as much up-to-date data as possible.

The list is expected to include Malta and Portugal as well as Gibraltar and Iceland, but speculation regarding islands, e.g. Mallorca, is now said to be wrong, according to official UK government sources. If so, there are conflicting messages coming from the government, transport secretary Grant Shapps having indicated that an "islands approach" will be adopted this summer, as it was for a time last summer.

The Balearic government was lobbying the British ambassador, Hugh Elliott, last week in seeking differential treatment for the islands, where the incidence rate is way lower than parts of the mainland. As of Saturday (May 1), the 14-day incidence in the Balearics was 64.90 and 57.70 in Mallorca specifically. The average for the whole of Spain (to Friday) was 229.20. The Basque Country, with 517.40, is currently registering the highest incidence. The Balearics incidence is the second lowest in Spain after Valencia.


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Jeremy / Hace 9 months

It is academic. The U.K. can put the islands on any list if wants.

You seem to miss the point. Spain will not allow people in from the U.K. it has just extended it again for another month. The U.K. incidence is close to nil. But it is Spain who is killing the tourist industry as we are banned. Once Spain lets us in then we can think about what list it is on


Miranda Allard / Hace 9 months

What about those of us who have a postponed half term holiday rebooked from last year to this year? I have a villa booked for the whole family to celebrate my 60th birthday from last year. That week starts on May 29th - whatever traffic light our government gives Mallorca, Green or Amber, as it stands Spain does not allow us entry anyway as we are not an EU country and that is likely not to change "until June" - even the 1st June is too late for some of us. Crazy as Germans can enter and they have a much higher infection level and lower vaccination rate - so frustrating for us and all businesses in Mallorca!!!


ABC / Hace 9 months

Given Spain had said Brits can’t come in until sometime in June, what’s the point of mallorca lobbying for special treatment?


Carolyn Overton / Hace 9 months

Like many other UK residents I am hoping that the UK will include the Balearics on the green list. However, we still plan to take our holiday in Majorca from 17th May even if the Balearics are on the Amber List as the quarantine on return isn’t an issue. Unless I am mistaken, we will not be allowed entry into Majorca and so the issue of which list Majorca will be on is irrelevant? Have I misunderstood something? We have both had two vaccinations and can comply with testing requirements at the time of our holiday but on May 17th I believe that we will not be allowed to visit Majorca for holiday purposes, due to restrictions on the Spanish border.


johnboy / Hace 9 months

Leave the ban in place until next year. Better to be safe than sorry for both the locals and tourists.


Dr Clare Anne McGrory, Brisbane, Australia / Hace 9 months

I think freedom from covid is a long way off yet.


Nick Matthew / Hace 9 months

Spain is currently refusing to let British citizens into Spain. They have to look elsewhere. This policy sends out the wrong message. The British should be made to feel welcome in Spain, not locked out.