Balearic government spokesperson, Iago Negueruela

Government spokesperson, Iago Negueruela, on Monday.

03-05-2021Jaume Morey

At the press conference following Monday's cabinet meeting, Balearic government spokesperson Iago Negueruela said that "of course there will be restrictions" after the state of alarm ends on May 9.

The government has to decide this week if it will ease restrictions that apply to bars and restaurants. Negueruela indicated that these measures have worked so far. The social dialogue table of government, business and union representatives will meet this week to consider proposals, the minister suggesting that there could be an "à la carte" approach depending on each island's situation. "The fundamental thing," he stressed, "is the control of the pandemic". "The measures we have adopted have been working."

The minister explained that the government is still working on a legal framework for maintaining certain restrictions covered by the state of alarm (the curfew most obviously). An option, he noted, is that a draft decree is forwarded to the Balearic High Court, as the government will need the court's backing for anything that may affect fundamental rights.

He added that, when making decisions, those made by other countries, e.g. the UK and its travel traffic light system, will not be taken into account.


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John Jones / Hace 9 months

The curfew policy is senseless and the Friday night to Monday morning ban on restaurants in pure technocratic idiocy. The civil servants have absolutely no idea of th ehardsip they are causing for absolutely no gain whatsoever on the pandemic control efficiency. The civil servants get their salary at the end of the month whatever happens, the cafe and restaurant owners (not to mention the hotel owners) have to earn their living. Social distancing would easily provide the same result as a curfew and it would allow a modicum of normality. The real issue is the total cock up of the vaccination program. Had th emoney being spent on extending ERTE had been put to better use by buying vaccines and getting them into people a month ago the curfew could have been lifted. But that I suppose if more to be blamed on von de Leyden and her autocratic bunch of Brussels bureaucrats and their desire to control the world that is to blame