Bars and restaurants set to re-open.

From this coming Sunday, bar and restaurant terraces can be open with uninterrupted hours from 6am to 10.30pm. This schedule will be applicable to every day of the week.

Representatives from the Balearic government and the restaurants association within the CAEB Confederation of Balearic Business Associations held talks on Thursday that lasted until almost midnight. The government's position was to maintain restrictions at weekends. It was willing to eliminate the shift system of closing at 5pm and reopening for dinner at 8pm between Monday and Thursday, but argued in favour of closure at 5pm at weekends.

Eventually, there was agreement for uninterrupted opening every day until 10.30pm, with there having been further agreement that bar and restaurant interiors can open at 50% capacity from May 23. The president of the association, Alfonso Robledo, says that the government had initially proposed that opening of interiors would only apply to those establishments without terraces. The association insisted that it should be applicable to all bars and restaurants.

On Friday morning, there was a small protest outside the government's Consolat de Mar headquarters, where government, business and union representatives were due to meet to discuss the latest measures. The restaurants association within the Pimem federation of small to medium-sized businesses was represented among those protesting, its president, Eugènia Cusí, explaining that her association had not been invited to the Thursday meeting.

She argues that regulations the government intends to apply are not within its regional powers and that they will be ignored. The Pimem association and the Arema Mallorca restaurants association say they will open normally without accepting any restrictions.

Robledo has expressed his regret that the Pimem association has become involved in "other battles" and is not party to the agreement.