Iago Negueruela (right), speaking on Monday. | Govern Illes Balears


On Monday, the minister for the economic model, tourism and employment, Iago Negueruela, stated that other regions of the country were responsible for the UK government having not considered the Balearics separately when arriving at its green list. The management of the pandemic in other regions, and he mentioned the Basque Country and Madrid in particular, has been "more flexible" than that of the Balearics, which are being "penalised" as a consequence.

This isn't the first time that Negueruela has blamed other regions for influencing what is happening with tourism in the Balearics, where the regional government has applied measures to control the spread of the virus and keep the cumulative incidence low.

In Madrid specifically, where the 14-day incidence per 100,000 as of May 10 is 302.67, Negueruela said that the management of the pandemic "is what is endangering the reactivation of tourism in other regions". (The Balearics rate is 58.38; in the Basque Country, 401.26.)

"We are one of the safest regions in Europe because of viral sequencing and health control, and we will continue to work on this," the minister concluded, after saying that the Spanish government has asked London to consider the specific case of the islands for an opening-up of tourism.