Tests not needed for regions with incidence below 60. | José Sevilla


At the Fitur international tourism fair in Madrid on Wednesday, President Armengol announced that Spanish travellers who have been vaccinated will no longer need to present a negative Covid test when entering the Balearics. The change to the regulations will apply from this Sunday.

There is one stipulation, that the first dose of vaccine is administered at least fifteen days prior to arrival. As well as vaccinated travellers, national tourists coming from regions where the 14-day incidence is below 60 cases will not need to present negative tests at ports or airports.

At a press conference in Madrid, the tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, stated that the Balearics, with an incidence below 50, are ready to welcome the largest number of tourists possible, both national and international. President Armengol wished to extend a "special invitation" to Spanish tourists in helping to reactivate the economies of the four islands. Spanish visitors will be of particular importance, the president noted, as for now the UK is recommending against holidays in the Balearics and Spain.

The strategy for the Balearics since the pandemic started has been to "prioritise the safety" of residents and tourists. In this regard, it was said at the press conference, the Balearic High Court has endorsed measures adopted by the regional government since the ending of the state of alarm, e.g. the curfew. In inviting Spanish tourists, Armengol stressed the guarantee of safety and peace of mind as well as the "incomparable beauty of each island".

"The Balearics are the safest tourist destination in the Mediterranean," the president emphasised, while the tourism minister said that the islands are probably the "most open" tourist destination in the European Union. The priority, he added, is to start the season safely and to enable the reopening of hotels and the return to work of thousands in the tourism sector.