Palma police officer on one of the city's beaches

Like last year, police will be controlling access.

02-06-2021Miquel A. Cañellas

Palma police will prevent access to beaches on the evening and night of June 23, Nit de Sant Joan (Saint John's Eve). Town hall spokesperson Alberto Jarabo says that there will be no "festive celebration" for Sant Joan and that the Balearic government is drawing up regulations that town halls can use to prevent celebration in the same way that Palma intends to.

The police deployment will be like it was last year. The beaches, which pose "the main risk", will be controlled. Jarabo explains that "it is not yet possible to allow mass events such as this one".

"We are at a stage where bars and restaurants are slowly opening up and may have up to ten people at a terrace table, but we cannot contemplate there being some 10,000 people celebrating Sant Joan on a beach.

"We are continuing to be cautious and we know that the public is understanding, as was the case last year when there were no incidents resulting from the restrictions. We ask everyone to be aware of the situation, but the police will in any event be controlling access to beaches."


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Mark Badoer / Hace 5 months

I think with the recent Supreme Court ruling in Madrid, I wish them well. The times of North Korean style governing by Armengol is history. Just go out and enjoy the beach and if you get fined, rip up the fine in front of the police officer (but don´t throw the paper on the sand but in a bin please).


Rich / Hace 5 months

How are the authorities able to attribute any cases to a specific event?


sayhi / Hace 5 months

fascism not runs all countries. this isn't about the virus it is about controlling people having fun. Never an issue until last year in the midst of summer they are worrying about a virus that doesn't survive in the heat. how strange. public areas being restricted to the public that pay for them. fascism