QR codes on phones or on paper. | Fernando Villar


The Covid passport for residents of the Balearics will not be operational until at least next week. The government intends presenting it on Monday but is still working on it and hasn't said how it will be obtained.

The certificate will indicate vaccination and the number of doses and if the holder has had the virus. An antigen or PCR test will not be required for travel if either of these two conditions applies. The Balearic government has already decided that people arriving from elsewhere in Spain do not need to present tests if they have had Covid or have been vaccinated.

The so-called Covid passport is being implemented simultaneously in Spain's regions (or almost simultaneously), the Spanish government having decided against a pilot test; the regional government had offered the Balearics as a test site.

Five regions have launched their certificates - Andalusia, Aragon, Extremadura, Navarre and Valencia. On Monday, it was made available to over-60s in Andalusia who had completed their course of vaccination. From next week, it will be extended to the rest of the population. For all regions, the certificate will have a QR code that can either be stored on a mobile device or be in paper format.