José Ramón Bauzá MEP

José Ramón Bauzá, now an MEP for Ciudadanos.


Former president of the Balearics and now an MEP, José Ramón Bauzá, said in the European Parliament on Tuesday that the UK is restricting mobility of its citizens based on political criteria.

Bauzá, who is transport and tourism spokesperson for the Renew Europe Group, called for institutions to create a common front in order to restore UK tourism to EU regions that meet epidemiological conditions.

Speaking during a debate on the Covid certificate, Bauzá welcomed the certificate but argued that more will be needed. "If we really want to restore mobility and help the recovery of tourism, we still have some very important issues to solve."

The UK, he noted, "is the main source of tourists in Europe", but the UK's approach, in his opinion, "is unnecessarily restrictive". "It is not based on health criteria, but is once more about national political interests." The European Commission, the EU Council and the European Parliament must respond together, so that health reasons are addressed.


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Steve, Son Maties / Hace 7 months

Just 17.7% vaccinated, with contagion levels flat-lining at best, and our "government" wants to welcome tourists couldn't make it op.. Thanks Boris, a proper minister taking his people's health and future prosperity seriously.


Billy Knowbend / Hace 7 months

What absolute garbage!. Why do some people want to play the victim and politicise every decision made by others. I am sure good number of UK politiicians have never been to the Balearics and have no wish to victimise anyone. If these Spanish politicians cannot understand the basic criteria about vacination rates then they should not be in the job they currently are. They should be spending their time more productively by berating the EU for its failed vaccination rollout policy which is the reason behind these decisions.Just use the little intelligence you have and don't create conspiracy theories to divert attention from your failure.


Brett Dennis / Hace 7 months

Who needs an MEP like this for Spain.


Daryn / Hace 7 months

So Majorca is open to Europe, the majority of citizens of Majorca are not vaccinated so not protected from tourism. Do UK citizens really want to travel and risk bringing home more problems and halting the good work that has been done here already.

Are those in power of the Balearic Islands not more concerned about the health risks are is profit more important to them.

I wouldn't travel anywhere yet even if it is on the green list. I also find it amusing how awkward these EU countries have been with the UK since Brexit and that includes Spain however they are begging for us to come and spend our hard earned income now.


Majorca fan / Hace 7 months

If the European Commissions vaccine policy had been a priority and properly handled then Spain probably would not be in the amber list. They chose to spend their efforts to ridicule AZ and pick fights and score points. The European Commission has just reinforced a ban on U.K. travellers to Europe,Spain wants us to travel their, the vacation passport is still a well kept secret in the commissions mind. Negative U.K. rhetoric is also circulating from Europe’s political class. The U.K. will classify the risk no other. 67million reasonably high income Brits is a big market and no real substitute for replacement in existing catchment for Spain’s holidays business