Iago Negueruela, Balearic tourism minister

Iago Negueruela speaking on Thursday.

17-06-2021Pilar Pellicer

Balearic tourism minister Iago Negueruela said on Thursday that there are "contradictions" in the UK's strategy for the reopening of international travel and called on the UK government to "clearly define its roadmap".

Negueruela, at the port in Palma to welcome the arrival of Mein Schiff 2, referred to the possibility that British tourists who have been fully vaccinated might now be able to travel to amber list destinations and return without having to quarantine.

The minister was critical of this apparent change of position from delaying the opening of travel to one of studying the possibility offered by a complete course of vaccination. He argued that the European vaccination strategy has now been shown to have been the correct one, as the British one has consisted of vaccinating the majority of the population with a single dose but which has not been enough to prevent the spread of the Delta variant.

Negueruela stressed that the UK is an important tourism market but highlighted efforts to attract tourists from other markets.


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John Law / Hace 4 months

This man is an idiot, and should be ousted asap. It shouldn't be other countries that decide whether or not they can visit Mallorca, - it should be us ! We're the ones that can best assess the risk to our safety, and consequencial longer-term economic recovery. We should have politicians that are not in the pockets of the hoteliers federation, gagging for tourism at any cost to our health. With just 27% of us vaccinated, and steady rates of contagion each day, clearly we are in a fragile position. To have mass tourism amongst us without masks is asking for a major increase in contagions here once again, and the increased likelyhood of a return to restrictions again within a few months.


Colin Allcars / Hace 4 months

The Balearics has continually returned lower Covid-19 figures than the mainland throughout the pandemic, but the Spanish and local governments have not once given us credit for that, on the contrary, they seem to have maintained a stranglehold far and beyond what was/is necessary.

Now they have the bald-faced cheek to expect Britain to discriminate in areas where they refuse to do the same. HYPOCRITES!!