Flights nearing 2019 levels. | Miquel À. Cañellas


On Saturday (July 31), there were 957 flights at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport. This was the total of arrivals and departures and was 90% of the flights on the same Saturday in 2019. According to Eurocontrol figures, it was the highest number at any Spanish airport this year.

Palma was just one of several airports in Spain to record flight operations above 80% compared with 2019. In total, there were 4,536 flights, just under 80%. Eurocontrol points out that this total for Spain was significantly higher than in other European countries - Germany 3,880; France 3,832; Italy 3,442.

While flights at Palma are nearing pre-pandemic levels, it remains to be seen what the passenger numbers are; Aena releases this information every month. Figures for June, the most recent ones, indicated that the number of passengers (1.4 million for the whole month) was 63% lower than in 2019, while the number of flights was 48% lower.