President Armengol and Lloyd Milen on Monday. | Govern de les Illes Balears


Lloyd Milen, the British Consul General in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Aragon and Andorra, met President Armengol at the Balearic government's Consolat de Mar headquarters on Monday.

At the press conference after their meeting, he explained that the UK's travel traffic-light system will be reviewed within three weeks. Health and vaccination data will be analysed, and he believed that the situation is "favourable". He expressed his hope that "it will continue like this, so that the British can continue to come here on holiday". High vaccination figures are "the secret to lessening restrictions". "With the vaccination campaign, there is a tourist season."

Milen was also encouraged by the Balearic government's commitment to extending the tourism season as much as possible. To this end, he said that there will be active collaboration. "British tourists are welcome in the summer and will also be welcome in the off-season months. The islands are a fantastic destination in the autumn."

Initiatives to extend the season until November were top of the agenda at the meeting, which was also attended by Sarah Cowley from the British Embassy, who highlighted work being undertaken with the Balearic government, as the Balearic Islands "are a very popular tourist destination for the British, and we agree with the policy of commitment to sustainability".

Of concern, said the Consul General, have been images of tourist bad behaviour. "London supports the government's strategy to eradicate tourist excess one hundred per cent. Close collaboration on this has existed for the past three years. By comparison with other years, the number of incidents has decreased a great deal. We are totally against it (tourist excess) and we don't want to have to see a single bad image."

Together with the Balearic government, the UK is working on an awareness campaign "so that young British people understand the measures and restrictions in the Balearics which help to reduce this type of tourism". Milen praised Balearic government efforts "to control the situation", giving as an example the control of the sale of alcohol and of bar opening hours, which is "very welcome".