Cala Torta, one of the coves highlighted by Daniel and Lorena. | @LMundoNmiCamara

Images of people queuing to get on to the beach at Caló des Moro in Santanyi are the just the latest evidence of "saturation" in Mallorca.

This particular cove certainly isn't unique in having become popular and in attracting large numbers of beachgoers, and it has undoubtedly been the case that popularity has been enhanced because of social media.

Earlier this month, two travel bloggers from Malaga - Daniel and Lorena - released a number of images which emphasised that there is way more to the island than "drunken tourism". There is the Mallorca which has "nothing to do with what they sell in the news".

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They received much praise, as they were highlighting another side of Mallorca. However, not everyone views this Twitter and Instagram publicity positively, and so Daniel and Lorena are also being accused of destroying the island's coves by talking about them. There has been "a long list of negative comments as if we were to blame for the problem".

They say that "there are even those who have taken for granted that we were paid by a tourism company to give good publicity". "No, we wish they had paid for the trip but it was a family trip paid in full by us."

"We fully understand the frustration local people can have with tourism. But a small travel blog that precisely encourages another type of tourism cannot be the cause of the problem. The problem lies with the big tour operators and the authorities, not with a blog."