Tomeu Mas of the Santa Catalina restaurants association.


Bar and restaurant owners in the Santa Catalina district of Palma want the town hall to create an underground car park before going ahead with traffic and street parking restrictions.

Tomeu Mas, president of the local restaurants association, says that "we do not disagree with the plan and the measures, but we ask that no decision is made so long as there is no alternative for parking".

The town hall has ruled out expanding the Passeig Mallorca underground car park, so there is only one option - a car park under the area that the petrol station on Plaça Progrés currently occupies. This, however, would take some time. The petrol station remains open for now, despite the licence having expired and town hall notification that it must close.

Mas adds that the town hall has stated that it will look for agreement with businesses and residents before traffic measures are implemented, but experience elsewhere - C. Unió and C. Bonaire - makes the restaurant owners fear for the worst.