Graffiti in Palma, Mallorca

More rapid response to cleaning graffiti.


Palma town hall has set up an email account - - to which members of the public can send images of graffiti plus details of location.

There is now a specific office for cleaning graffiti. It was established, says Angelica Pastor, councillor for infrastructure, as part of a commitment to more rapid response in eliminating graffiti. "We want a cleaner Palma. So we are making means available to improve coordination for the cleaning of graffiti."

An action plan determines the order of priority for dealing with graffiti - where it is, the social impact, the heritage value and any insulting or criminal element.

The email account is intended for graffiti on municipal buildings and other municipal property, e.g. benches. The municipal services agency, Emaya, cleans graffiti from private property at a rate of two euros per square metre.


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Andrew / Hace 2 months

We need to institute HUGE fines for those caught. Otherwise it will never stop.