Ed Sheeran, who picked up various awards. | Los40 Music Awards

Marga Prohens, the president of the Partido Popular in the Balearic Islands, said on Sunday that her party will be demanding explanations in the Balearic parliament about how tourist tax revenue is being spent.

The main opposition party wants to know about the government's decision to allocate 580,000 euros of what is officially known as the sustainable tourism tax in sponsoring the Los40 Music Awards. It also has questions about the fact that the Velódrom Illes Balears (the venue for the awards) was apparently hired out for free.

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Speaking in Ibiza, Prohens was critical of the "double standards" applied by the parties of the left in government and, in particular, President Armengol. The PP leader said that when the sustainable tourism tax was approved in 2016, the PP indicated then that revenue would eventually go into a common fund.

"According to the left, the revenue was to be used to erase the impact of tourists on the islands. Finally, it has been seen that the money goes to the common account and that it is one more tax levied on an economic activity. Armengol has tricked everyone with this tax."