Might there be a return to some restrictions? | Europa Press


Spain's national and regional health ministries are considering new measures in response to rising Covid infections. Discussions by the Public Health Commission are giving greatest emphasis to the situation in hospitals, as right now the majority of infections are occurring in children under 12 years old, and they are not going into hospital.

Different proposals are on the table, depending on incidence levels and pressure on health services. One is for bar and restaurant interiors to close at 11pm in regions with 14-day cumulative incidence of 100 and above and with high pressure on hospitals. Another is for nightlife to close at 1am where there is this incidence, for there to be a maximum of ten people per table in bars and restaurants, and for 50% capacity indoors.

In the case of high risk, defined as incidence above 300 and with greater health service pressure, the proposal is for bar and restaurant interior capacity to be 25 per cent, a maximum of six people per table and a closing time of 11pm. At extreme risk, an incidence above 500, interiors would be closed.