Municipal markets, part of the city's life. | S. Amengual


Miquel Obrador, president of one of Palma's residents federations - Federació de Veïnats de sa Ciutat de Palma - presented a list of traffic-related issues affecting municipal markets to the full council session on Wednesday. Access problems, a lack underground parking, the absence of ORA pay-for-parking zones, traffic jams - these all formed part of the analysis.

In Santa Catalina, the protection plan envisaged for the district "seriously endangers the survival of the market by contemplating the conversion of most of the streets adjacent to the market into Acire restricted access zones". "This will make it extremely difficult to get to the market by car and will lead to the disappearance of overground car parking, except for residents." The provision of a car park in Plaça Progrés, Obrador noted, "will not prevent the loss of many customers, who will stop coming if they have to walk a distance carrying their purchases."

Other markets identified as being under threat in the federation's report include Pere Garau, Llevant and Olivar.