Francina Armengol, who has ended ten days in isolation. | Europa Press

In Andratx on Thursday, President Armengol resumed her official engagements, having spent ten days in isolation after testing positive for coronavirus.

Saying that she felt well and stressing the benefits of vaccination, Armengol called on the public to be extra cautious over the New Year period. Concerned about possible illegal parties that may be held because organised ones have been cancelled, she asked people to "refrain" from participating in these. "Let's think about the fact that there are unvaccinated children and that older people are vulnerable."

She warned that people or businesses who ignore regulations and put their own health and that of others at risk will face the consequences.

The president referred to meetings with nightlife representatives, at which it has been made clear that they must ensure compliance with the rules. "There are no changes to the nightlife regulations, but we are demanding maximum respect and compliance."

Controls and inspections of nightlife will be maintained, Armengol adding that special deployment of police and inspectors will be sufficient, "as the public have shown that they know how to act in face of the terrible challenge posed by the pandemic".