The only thing that has transpired about the new law is that 300,000 hotel beds will be altered. | T.Ayuga


PIMEM, CAEB and the catering sector, Afedeco, FEBT (Balearic Transport Business Federation), Aviba and the hotel associations of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza criticise the lack of information from the Government on the new tourism law, which was presented January 17 in Madrid. The Minister of Tourism and Employment, Iago Negueruela, announced yesterday at the Palacio de Congresos de Palma that in three weeks or "before Easter it will be approved by the Government". The employers' associations were informed of the act in the Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid on January 14, three days before its presentation before the ministers Yolanda Díaz and Reyes Maroto, as well as the social and economic agents.

CAEB stated yesterday: "The feeling is generalised in the employers' association and in our sectors of lack of information. We do not have any draft and we do not know what to expect, hence the concern in the sectors of hospitality in the Islands, Afedeco, Restoration, Aviba and discretionary transport. We do not know what to expect or how it will affect the productive sectors of the tourism value chain in Mallorca and the rest of the islands".

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The president of PIMEM, Jordi Mora, was much more explicit: "We lack the draft text of the law, although they are giving us explanations to our questions. To talk about it being approved by the Council in a few weeks, in our opinion, is hasty. A tourism law is not made in a few weeks and it is necessary, especially with a law of these characteristics, dialogue and sufficient time for negotiation with economic agents". The employers point out that the law "was presented in Madrid more for a question of aesthetics and image than for effectiveness".

UGT and CCOO agreed that "we do not have the draft of the law either and the only thing we expect is to see the document to check whether or not our recommendations have been introduced". Negueruela said "In a few weeks, before Easter, we will present the whole text of the law with the widest consensus, since we are working with discretion so that there can be a consensus and final agreement". The minister added that he did not understand why all the emphasis was placed on "knowing the text, since the important thing is the substance". He emphasised that his announcement in Madrid last week "has provoked reactions abroad due to the scope of the law, so we should not focus on the anecdote".