Tourists on the beach of Cala Major. | Clara Margais/dpa

The Balearic Islands received during the whole year 2021 a total of 6,323,238 international tourists, 267.4% more than in 2020, with a tourist expenditure amounting to 7,272 million euros, 295.5% more than the previous year. This is reflected in the Tourist Expenditure Survey (Egatur) and Tourist Movements at Borders (Frontur) published today by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

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All in all, the number of travellers is 53.8% below the level of 2019, before the impact of COVID, and tourist spending is 51% lower than the pre-pandemic year.

In the month of December alone, the Balearic Islands received a total of 114,640 international tourists, with tourist spending amounting to 127 million, which implies a fivefold increase over the figures for the same month in 2020.