Mallorca's coves - spectacular and with crystal-clear water. | M. Cladera


Andreu Serra, the Council of Mallorca's tourism councillor, says that Mallorca has become "something more than a traditional sun and beach destination". "It is now a place for tourist experiences that has everything in its favour. Apart from the many activities and attractions, the island is very well connected. It has it all. Moreover, Mallorca is à la mode in Europe."

Passenger figures in 2019, prior to the pandemic, highlighted Mallorca's already strong position. Following the interruption caused by Covid, the island has returned with a bang, Serra adding that right now Mallorca is also "a refuge destination". "It is safe in all aspects, as well as having improved the quality of the holiday offer."

Various bodies, such as the Fomento del Turismo (Mallorca Tourist Board) and the Fundación Impulsa for Balearic competitiveness, point to an evolution of tourism that has been accompanied in recent years by modernisation of infrastructure and services and improvement of tourist quality. All this makes Mallorca "unbeatable compared with the competition".

Travel associations - ABTA in the UK, DRV in Germany - and tour operators emphasise that Mallorca is a holiday destination with an incomparable offer in terms of nature, beaches, coves, quality of water and activity tourism - cycling, golf, hiking, nautical and more.

The Balearic tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, says that the strong recovery has been possible thanks to the joint work between the government, employers' associations and unions. Despite Covid, no productive sector has been destroyed. Jobs have been maintained. "Joint strategy and planning have allowed us to position ourselves very quickly in the market as the safest destination in the whole of Europe."

The minister adds: "Since the start of the pandemic, we have worked on initiatives aimed at protecting our productive fabric as well as our workers. We have adopted strategies to allow us to plan tourism seasons well. The tourism reactivation plan has meant that we have been the first destination to restart activity and to take the lead in terms tourism statistics."

Andreu Serra concludes that "we have everything to continue being the benchmark".