Students at an event in Palma. | Teresa Ayuga

Between June 10 and 30, Spanish student "study trips" will generate more than 140,000 hotel stays in Magalluf, Arenal and Alcudia. Delem Ocio is a company which brings the largest number of students to Mallorca. Its CEO, Juan Manuel López Lemes, says that some 25,000 students are expected and that his company will be bringing two-thirds of them.

According to organising agencies, the student holidays will have an economic impact of close to 30 million euros - this comes from hotel stays, transport, activities, nightlife and shopping. Lemes says that, on average, students spend 1,000 euros each.

Twenty-four hotels in Mallorca are to be used, the arrival of students depending on when they finish their exams. This differs by region, which is a reason why the holidays are spread out over a three-week period.

After what happened last year, Lemes says that Delem Ocio have spoken to all parties involved "in order to detect problems and provide joint solutions".

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A meeting was attended by some 50 people and it resulted in proposals to reconcile the right of young people to enjoy their end-of-year trips in Mallorca and the rights of residents to rest, cleanliness and norms of behaviour. He adds that he is still in communication with local authorities regarding these proposals.