The police are understood to have identified the attacker. | Archive


A British woman has emerged as one of the key witnesses to the assault in Cala Major last Friday morning which resulted in the death of 34-year-old Sebastián Femenías. She was the person who called the ambulance.

She has lived in Mallorca all her life but had never previously been to Rockefeller's, the club outside which the incident occurred. She told the Bulletin: "I was outside talking to some people. I saw the man given a brutal kick in the neck. It all happened very quickly and I couldn't see the assailant's face, but I can assure you without any doubt that he was wearing black trousers and boots. Who wears black trousers and boots in summer?"

"The doormen took him by the arms and legs into the street. No one wanted to help. The security guards - there were three or four of them - hid inside the club. He began to convulse in my arms. The ambulance crew did their best - a ten for them."

The National Police's homicide squad suspects that the attack happened by chance, but that there could have been an argument inside in the club. It would appear that the club's security cameras weren't working. This is a club which has been heavily sanctioned in the past and where fights are said to occur regularly.

The police, meanwhile, are understood to have identified the attacker and are now trying to trace him.