Rockefeller's in Cala Major. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

One of the owners of Rockefeller's, the Cala Major club that was the scene of the fatal assault on 34-year-old Sebastián Femenías last Friday, says that there was no incident inside the club. (The assault was on the steps outside, and police suspect that there had been an argument inside.)

He takes issue with what a witness has said - that security personnel "hid" inside the club. This was not so, he insists, adding that he trusts his workers and that, in 35 years, "nothing serious has ever happened at Rockefeller's, it is not a troublesome place".

He was not at the club when the attack occurred. His business partner was and later "testified for hours" at the National Police headquarters. He explains that on Wednesday the device that collects recordings from security cameras was delivered to the police. They had already advised the police, however, that the cameras haven't been working properly "for years".

He stressed that they have "nothing to hide" and have cooperated with the police at all times.