The 25-year-old (on the left) going to court on Friday. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The National Police are continuing to look for the three people who were with the 25-year-old now in prison for the fatal assault on Sebastián Femenías outside Rockefeller's club in Cala Major on June 24.

The police have established that one of the three knew Sebastián, or at least knew who he was and something about him. In seeking a motive for the attack - a kick in the neck - investigators have wanted to ascertain if there was some connection.

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The 25-year-old has now spent his first nights in prison. He maintained in court on Thursday that he had no intention of killing 34-year-old Sebastián Femenías and that he had only wanted to move him out of his way when he left club and was walking down the steps. His account, however, does not coincide with the version provided by a witness.