The two arriving at court. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

On Wednesday, the National Police arrested two men following assaults on two horse carriage drivers in Palma's Plaça Reina.

Around 2.45 in the afternoon, three men approached the drivers to ask for information about prices. One of the drivers, a 20-year-old, gave them the information. They didn't seem to be interested and so he turned away from them, at which point he was grabbed round the neck. His bumbag was snatched, but this was dropped when other drivers went to the 20-year-old's assistance.

The attacker said to the drivers that it was all just "a joke". However, he then punched one of the drivers in the mouth, breaking two teeth, and snatched his bumbag.

The police arrived at the scene and made the arrests, one of the two insisting that he had a YouTube channel and had wanted to make a "joke video".

A court later released the two - a Venezuelan and an Ecuadorian - with charges and with a restraining order to stay away from the Plaça Reina.